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Former Walsall Poet Laureate To Perform At Shrewsbury Food Festival

A former Walsall Poet Laureate is due to appear at Shrewsbury Food Festival on 4th September to champion mental health. Alongside other Walsall poets including Phil Buckley, Tina Cox, Julia Dean-Richards, Angela Wood  Maurice Malcolm and Elliot Parker there will be spoken word performances, workshops and a community poem on the theme of mental health […]

Local Poets To Champion Mental Health At Food Festival

A group of local published  poets have come together to champion mental health and aim to take their workshops and performances to the Shrewsbury Food Festival in Quarry Park  on 4th September near Shrewsbury town centre.  The topic for their poetry will be mental health. Walsall poet and retired social worker and lecturer Phil Buckley […]

Award-winning Poet Laureate using poetry to combat racism

On the evening 4th May 2021, Ian Henery a successful solicitor, raised funds for the charity – Communities Against Racism Enterprise – CARE, founded to heal and repair the minds of individuals and communities suffering from racial trauma, regardless of skin colour. Ian, by using poems from his latest book, ‘Poems of Hope’, along with […]