Birmingham Solicitor With New Poetry Collection

Ian Henery, a solicitor with an office in the Southside quarter of the City Centre in Chinatown, has a new collection of poetry called “Poems of Hope” which is published by Kates Hill Press. “These “Poems of Hope” were born out of the COVID-19 pandemic which has swept away the old lifestyles of the entire world”, explained Ian.

Included within this collection are the poems he was commissioned to write for Walsall For All about COVID-19 and social distancing, rainbows of hope for Southside BID in Birmingham and poems about Norse characters for a Warlord Games in Nottingham. There are also poems for Ian`s daughters, for his partner, poems he was commissioned to write for Birmingham`s Chinese community as part of a trilogy of plays about immigration to Birmingham and Black Lives Matters for CARE.

“These are poems that have been tried and tested in virtual poetry performances during lockdown on WebEx, Facebook and Zoom platforms around the world” explained Ian.

In one night Ian performed on Zoom in San Francisco, Newcastle, Birmingham and Brighton. The poems about COVID-19 and social distancing and rainbows over Southside in Birmingham were performed during a series of Zoom performances hosted in New York with participants across the world.

“I have been very active poetry-wise” said Ian “during lockdown but it`s my 15 year old daughter who has kept me sane. We want on long walks together, she has sorted out all of my technical issues with Zoom, Facebook and social media – and she even got the manuscript ready for publication. The book is dedicated to her because she is amazing. Her name is Grace”.

Ian Henery is a successful local solicitor with offices across the West Midlands but he describes that as “just the day job”. He is a playwright who has been commissioned to write a trilogy for China West Midlands on the theme of “home” and within this collection are poems which were edited from his first draft of the play on the Chinese Labour Corps. A workshop presentation of the first play (The Chinese Labour Corps), funded by Arts Council England, was performed in Birmingham at the Blue Orange Theatre in September and streamed across social media. Ian is a prolific author and poet, well-known on the spoken word circuit and an indefatiguable supporter of his fellow wordsmiths.

“Poems of Hope are indeed poems of Hope”, he said. “This is as fine a collection of uplifting verse as you could wish to read.” Ian Henery presents The Ian Henery Show on Hope Radio in Birmingham which broadcasts online with an OFCOM licence. The station is a new project born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and is run by volunteers in Druids Heah in Birmingham. He is Poet in Residence at Hope Radio. Ian has run over 6 series of programmes since 9th May 2020 featuring local poets including running 2 community poems which featured 6 Poet Laureates and 72 poets from all over the world.

The cover photograph of Poems of Hope is The Pillar of Friendship at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire. Within the pillar the panels are the work of sculptors from USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine and the UK. “As long as people from nations at conflict can unite in a project of friendship”, said Ian, “there will always be hope”.

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Poems of Hope is available from Kates HillPress

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