Champions Healthy Eating Week

Do you eat healthily?  Do you get your 5 a day?  Healthy Eating Week runs from Monday 12th June to 16th June and is organised by the British Nutrition Foundation.  The week aims to connect people, food and science so we can all eat healthily and have healthier lifestyles.

It also aims to provide free  impartial evidence-based information to people so that they can adopt healthy, sustainable diets for life.  This year’s theme is “Healthy Eating Week – For Everyone!”  The cost of living crisis continues to have an impact on the affordability of healthier diets for so many of us and the aim is to provide free advice for everyone to a healthier diet regardless of these barriers.

Healthy Eating Week 2023 is supported by Kellogg’s, General Mills, Quorn Foods, Sodexo, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, Coca-Cola GB, UK Flour Millers and Waitrose & Partners.

“But what about slightly bruised fruit?” said Ian Henery, Poet in Residence at Wolverhampton radio station WCR which broadcasts on 101.8 FM and online.   “Wait – don’t toss it!  It’s more useful than you’d think.” he said.  “Even if your delicious summer fruit has been jostling around the fruit bowl for a couple of days it’s not worthy of the rubbish bin or compost heap.  A few bruises on your legs never kept you from enjoying the summer sun, did it?  Think of fruit the same way – still able to brighten your meal, no matter what – or people being like slightly bruised fruit.”


Sonnet to Slightly Bruised Fruit

I`m slightly bruised fruit on the bargain shelf

And my gorgeous flesh is no longer firm;

One of your 5 a day to make you squirm,

Fruit and vegetables are good for your health.

In an orchard I was the farmer`s wealth

But now no longer perfect and cast out;

Ego is bruised and I sit here and pout,

My good looks have been stolen by Time`s stealth.


I`m just slightly bruised!  I still taste the same!

Is it my fault I was dropped on the floor?

An endless fumbling in sweaty paws?

I blossomed, grew, witnessed sunset`s flame,

Birds sang in my tree, knew them all by name.

I`m at one with the air, the sky and earth –

Just slightly bruised – how can I have no worth?

What is my crime and how am I to blame?


Ian Henery

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