Drama Premiered At Walsall Festival Of Words Becomes Radio Play

A new piece of theatre premiered at Shimla Peppers in Ablewell Street as part of the Walsall Festival of Words this month has been turned into a radio play.   The play is the second in a trilogy of plays for China West Midlands by Walsall playwright and poet Ian Henery called “Coming To Birmingham: Making Of A Modern City”.

The first in the trilogy was called “The Chinese Labour Corps “ and was set during the First World War.  It had a successful week-long run at The Blue Orange Theatre in February and was part of the Chinese New Year Festival Online 2022.

“The second play has the timeline 1940/50s” explains Ian “and looks at issues of identity, family and sacrifice from British and Chinese socio-economic perspectives.  It’s a positive story of integration and offers a firm defence of the principles of equality and increased diversity.  The play shows why mixed, open societies are the way forward for 21st cities and how migrants help modern Britain not only survive but prosper.”

The radio play features Andy Chan, Julie Ym Phung, Manyee Yiu and Cindy Millman who performs in English and Chinese.  The play is directed by Phil Liptrot from A Comedy Theatre Group who also performed at the Walsall Festival of Words.

The radio play is part of the Radio Public Festival in July organised by Helen Garbett and Bill Laybourne of Workshop 24.

“Radio is our medium of transmission and reception “ explained Ian “and it’s bigger and wider than you might think.  We’re making the inaudible audible, creating a festival of sound, installation s, walks, talks, performances, workshops and transmissions.”   The play will be broadcast on 9th July during the Radio Public Festival

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