On the evening 4th May 2021, Ian Henery a successful solicitor, raised funds for the charity – Communities Against Racism Enterprise – CARE, founded to heal and repair the minds of individuals and communities suffering from racial trauma, regardless of skin colour. Ian, by using poems from his latest book, ‘Poems of Hope’, along with fellow poets, Maurice Malcolm a criminal justice lawyer, retired NHS nurses, Norma Dockery and Janice Harvey, Donna Hudson a qualified Life Coach, Sarah Prescott, the vice chair of the Race Religion and Belief Forum at the Wolverhampton City Council, and Bones, who is liken to Banksy, as he came incognito. The musicians Joe Lynton, a retired psychotherapist and Yvonne McCoy, a health consultant and personal trainer were stellar.

The event was a remarkable success and has so far raised £270. It was planned to help raise funds, which will go towards, hiring a building, running workshops, such as How to heal from Racial Trauma, a 12 steps programme, healthy eating and exercise, along with social, physical, and spiritual intervention, in the form of education and training, and much more…

All the poets were well received. “Ian’s poems are wonderful” said one listener”. “Sarah, your poem, was so powerful, so emotional, it brought tears to my eyes,” said another. “Janice, you took me down memory lane”, and another said “Well done Norma, your creativity is out of this world.

“Great poem Donna! I enjoyed that. It was well written and very clever. Great lines and powerful.

“Excellent Maurice, that was great!” “Inspirational message Bones and wow Bones that was DEEP!

These comments and more, echoed the reality that poetry can indeed soothe and heal a mind, filled with pain and hurt.

If you did not get a chance to attend the fundraising event, Ian, is also the host of HOPE Radio 87.9 FM which has 14,000 listeners worldwide and will be airing the fundraiser on Hope radio on 7th May between 5 -7pm.

You can still purchase Ian’s book, Poems of Hope at and You can still make a donation as they are continually welcomed. For more information and how to donate, please contact the founder Ruth South on: 07834228004 or email [email protected]