Hope Radio Community Garden

Ian has been appointed Poet In Residence at Hope Radio which broadcasts on 87.9 FM and online at https://e-voice.org.uk/hoperadio/. He has also been commissioned to write two poems for the community garden which will be unveiled in Birmingham. The poems he has written are Sowing The Seeds of Hope, which is a rondeau and The Seeds of Hope which is a villanelle. He is currently running creative writing workshops with Scouts online to produce a body of work for the community garden. Our new project, Hope Garden is springing into action thanks to funding we received at the end of 2020 from the Brum Recovery Fund.

Sowing The Seeds of Hope (rondeau)

In our garden we`re planting seeds ,
Flowers to bring love, bright as beads;
The seeds of hope for those held dear –
A shared space, community sphere –
In our garden.

Diversity in many breeds
Of flower, on which insects feeds;
Inclusivity, a new year
In our garden.

Talking is easy, actions leads
To community work, great deeds.
COVID-19 and skies were drear,
The rainbows shine with blue skies clear:
Every flower cherished, even weeds
In our garden.

The Seeds of Hope (villanelle)

Planting flower seeds beneath COVID skies
In the pandemic, seeds of hope in rows,
Solidarity with those who have cried.

Buried snugly in the soil, the seeds lie,
Bursting with rebirth, promise and gusto;
Planting flower seeds beneath COVID skies.

Community garden, no place to hide,
Watch seeds of hope flower, blossom and grow;
Solidarity with those who have cried.

Lockdown is ended, freedom from “inside”,
Sit in the sun and watch the flowers blow;
Planting flower seeds beneath COVID skies.

Neighbours, gatherings that have been denied,
Human contact seems like so long ago;
Solidarity with those who have cried.

Flowers for the living and those who died,
Seeds of hope and new life, replacing woe;
Planting flower seeds beneath COVID skies,
Solidarity with those who have cried.

These much needed funds were used to start our vision for Hope Radio Garden with the installation of solar lights and two wooden pods which have been put on the green outside the station.

A star shaped installation was designed by Peni Whelan and constructed with the help of local residents Fillipee, Daniel and Don.

The idea for the pods came from Don who as a carer for his 90 yr old Dad just wanted somewhere close to home that he could take five minutes

The pods are available for everyone to use in the community and have been situated socially distanced to keep people safe.

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