International Polar Bear Day and Global Climate Change

The Poet in Residence of Wolverhampton`s radio station, WCR FM, has urged people in Wolverhampton to remember International Polar Bear Day to raise awareness about the impact of global climate change.

“International Polar Bear day” said Ian Henery, Poet in Residence, “is an annual event celebrated every 27th February to coincide with the time period when polar bear mums and cubs are sleeping in their dens and to raise awareness about the conservation status of the polar bear”.

International Polar Bear Day is organised by Polar Bears International to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and melting ice caps on polar bear populations.

“It`s about encouraging people to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint” said Ian Henery “such as by turning down their thermostat or using public transport.  The day has also been used to encourage the installation of energy efficient insulation in houses.  Do whatever you can do to reduce your carbon footprint because there is no Planet B”.

No Planet B  

Global climate change, what has happened here?

Extinction, butterflies have lost their wings

And there`s pollution in the atmosphere.

Earth is dying, birds no longer sing,

The air`s too thick for my children to breathe

And there`s something in the drinking water.

What have we done?  It makes me want to grieve;

Where`s our future?  Dying sons and daughters.


Media seduction from satellites

Say not to worry, it`s better today

But we are not fooled; none of that seems right,

We can see life on earth fading away.

What have we done?  Why can`t humans just be?

To live without beginning or an end?

Look around, there`s no answer I can see

Witnessing deaths of family and friends.


New day.  The sun comes up and I`m alone,

Traffic stretches over the horizon

Covered in tarmac, an incessant moan.

Purpose come undone, witnessed by the sun.

Famine, starvation, pretty birds are dying

There is no Eden, the air is poisonous.

What have we done?  I see children crying

No Planet B.  What have we done – to us?