National Kitten Day

The Poet in Residence of Wolverhampton`s radio station, WCR FM which broadcasts on 101.8 FM and online, is urging everyone to celebrate Kitten Day on Monday 10th July.

“Who doesn’t love a kitten?” said Ian Henery, Poet in Residence.  “Kittens have a gentle disposition and can make almost anyone’s heart melt and even when they grow up and act like they rule the world, cats are still valued as beloved members of the family”.

National Kitten Day was founded in 2012 to raise awareness for the plight of kittens and cats that need to be rescued each year.     It is believed that our feline friends  have been domesticated for almost 10,000 years.  Cats are long-time companions of humans and were deified by the Ancient Egyptians.  There is no doubt that cats hold a unique place in human history and were often buried with their humans so that they could be reunited in the afterlife.  Historical records show that cats were domesticated as pets in 7500 BC.

National Kitten Day can be celebrated in many different ways by people who have had kittens all of their life or are a new kitten owner.

“You can spoil your kitten rotten by buying them a new toy” explained Ian Henery “or update their scratching post.  How about giving them an extra dinner that they love, singing them a song or just giving them some extra attention?”

National Kitten Day is also a great reminder for cat and kitten owners to take their fur babies to the vet for regular check ups.

“Kittens should visit the vet every  3-4 weeks” said Ian Henery “during the first 16 weeks of their lives to get all of their vaccinations.  We have a duty to our fur babies to keep them healthy and protect them from getting diseases”.

Another way of celebrating this important day is to volunteer at a pet shelter or kitten rescue such as Blue Cross.

“We can raise awareness by taking care of the most vulnerable creatures” explained Ian Henery. “Most places are looking for a long term commitment like 3 hours per month in return for training.  Alternatively another way to celebrate is by making a donation to a local or national non-profit organisation that supports the plight of kittens.”

Pet adoption is another way of celebrating this day by adopting a kitten or cat.  “Adoption should be taken very seriously” said Ian Henery “because it is a big responsibility.  People should only do it if they are certain they can look after an animal companion for all of its life and give them the extra attention and care that they need.  Another viable option is fostering a kitten or a cat in the short term for people who are not ready for a long term commitment.”

Some people would argue that dogs are “man’s best friend” but other people would argue that cats are definitely in the running order for the title. And that’s another way to celebrate National Kitten Day.



They grow such sleek and comfortable creatures,

With such content forever in their eyes

And watch, with calm unimpassioned features,

The shadows of the firelight fall and rise.


It may be that from old time they borrow

The knowledge of the secret of the years And having passed beyond joy or sorrow Can spend their hours in furbishing their ears.

With proud disdain they walk, pass unheeded

The vulgar race of men, whose winning call

Tempts them – but if fish or milk is needed

Then comes with condescension – if at all.


They`re the household`s walking soporific,

It is up to them where they choose to sleep.

We`re beneath their influence pacific

And bless the gods of Egypt that we keep.

– Ian Henery

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