Poet in Residence Celebrates National Storytelling Week

The Poet in Residence of Wolverhampton`s radio station, 101.8 WCR FM, is encouraging everyone in Wolverhampton to celebrate National Storytelling Week between 28th January – 5th February.


“This engaging event” said Ian Henery, Poet in Residence, “is a celebration in schools, clubs, museums, spoken word venues  and various other places.  It`s a week for the telling of stories, the very first way of communicating life`s experiences and the creative imagination.”


National Storytelling Week encourages people of all ages, genders and cultures to indulge in stories, both old and new and participate in this centuries old form of entertainment.


“Stories belong to everyone” said Ian Henery, who is hosting 3 days of live spoken word in the Mander Centre Community Hub between 3rd – 5th February as part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival.  “What`s your story?  What will you be telling and where will you be telling it”?


According to Ian Henery there are some amazing stories to be found within the historic buildings of Wolverhampton.


“Wightwick Manor, owned by the National trust since 1937, is probably Wolverhampton`s best kept secret” he said.  “It`s got timber beams  and barley twist chimneys, gardens of wide lawns, yew hedges, rose gardens and lush furnishings.  It`s an idyllic time capsule of Victorian nostalgia for Medieval England.”


Wightwick manor was built by Theodore Mander of the Mander family of whom the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton is named.  The Mander family were industrialists and it was Geoffrey Mander – a Liberal MP – who bestowed Wightwick manor to the National Trust.


“There`s lots of stories waiting to be found at Wightwick Manor” explained Ian Henery.  “Geoffrey Mander fought against social injustice in Wolverhampton and against European Facism.  There was a reason why he wanted to share his unique home not just with Wolverhampton but with the nation through the National Trust.  And there is a reason why the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton was named after this inspirational human being”.


According to Ian Henery there are other inspirational stories to be found at Bantock House, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Bilston Art Gallery and the Wolverhampton City Archives, formerly home to the Molineux family of Wolverhampton.


“Our city is full of wonderous stories just waiting to be found” said Ian Henery.  “They are right here in the beating heart of the city on your doorstep. Share the stories, make them your own and be forever young”.


Forever Young 

Dance among fairies in eternal dreams,

Ride a unicorn across midnight skies;

Trail paths of shooting stars under moon beams

And be forever young, framed by love`s eyes.

    Go and dive deep through the mind`s wishing wells,

Blow with winds of fantasy on the sand;

Sift through silver stardust and ocean swells,

Eternal dreams from a magician`s hand.

Swing from the crystals of mystical tales,

Step into aquamarine of mermaids;

Swim through the cities with dolphins and whales,

The realms of eternal dreams where you once played.

  Reality of existence, awake!

Dance to the beat of paradise supreme;

This cynical world can make your heart break,

So plumb the depths of your eternal dreams.