The Chinese Labour Corps – Workshop Presentation

One of the least known stories of the First World War was brought to life by 5 professional Chinese actors and 6 second year students from the Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre on Saturday 26th September before special guests from around the region. The event, strictly limited to 20 tickets per performance and streamed at Blue Orange Theatre, was organised by the charity Blue Orange Arts for China West Midlands.

“The Chinese Labour Corps came to help but they stayed to die” explained playwright and solicitor Ian Henery. “we presented the play as a workshop presentation through a R & D grant from Arts Council England. The charity worked with a group of actors and students for a week in order to develop the script. We invited people to view the presentation and help us by providing honest feedback. We are hoping to develop the play, when restrictions allow, into a full production and tour.”

The play is about the moving and surprising story of the Chinese Labour Corps who volunteered to travel thousands of miles to help in a war they knew little about. “Loyalty, colonialism and romance combine in this play based on true events” said Ian Henery.

Blue Orange Arts` original intention was to perform to a live audience but due to COVID restrictions the presentation was streamed followed by a Q & A.

To view the workshop:

Date and time of presentation:

Saturday 26th September

1pm –

6pm – https://youtu.bezhpi9hox7sq/

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