The Key to a Happy Life at Easter

This Easter the Poet in Residence at Wolverhampton`s radio station WCR FM – which broadcasts on 101.8 FM and online – is calling for Wolverhampton to do a MOT on their mental health.


“Your mental health is the biggest single predictor of your personal happiness” said Poet in Residence Ian Henery.  “Suffering from depression or anxiety disorders can devastate your life.”


Finding love is also a vital ingredient for happiness.  A recent study by the London School of Economics claims that people need to be needed and to be in meaningful relationships.  The report states:   “Happiness is hugely affected by the ethos of a society which affects everyone in it.  For example, happiness is higher in societies where people trust each other.  Freedom is also a crucial determinant of happiness”.


The report also found that a boost in income, or more education, did not significantly affect our overall well-being.  Having good mental health and someone to love were far more important.


“Covid brought much fear to everyone and closed down so much of normal life” said Ian Henery.  “Added to this climate change has told us that our world is about to collapse unless we change our ways now and that it is all our fault.  How can we live well with the mess of everyday life?”


According to Ian Henery failure is human, universal and inevitable.  The Easter story does not shy away from the reality of human limitations and mistakes.



“It`s ultimately a story of failings redeemed and of faults forgiven” explained Ian Henery, who believes there is always hope  if we only have faith, not simply trusting in our own limited vision.


“Some people describe the making of a vaccine for Covid in less than a year as being miraculous” he said.   This Easter Wolverhampton will be journeying on in faith and hope, not giving in to the dark moments but eagerly looking forward to Easter.


“As we travel through this Lent to Easter “said Ian Henery “we focus on grace, forgiveness and love.  With love in our hearts we have a future, strength to rebuild for tomorrow and good news to share”.


Kneel Before the Cross at Easter


Gentle Jesus, Redeemer, you were born

But our sins led you to be crucified;

The pull of evil, jealousy and pride

Combined together in a crown of thorns.

You were tortured and your flesh cruelly torn,

We kneel before you in pity and shame,

For our deliverance you took the blame

And your love was responded to with scorn.


We are sinners, lead us to better ways;

On the Cross, crucified, so we might live.

You were resurrected and God forgives,

Jesus is with believers all their days.

Love stronger than death, Lazarus was raised,

Ours a mighty God who has conquered death.

The Holy Spirit gifts us with His breath

At Easter, joined before the Cross in praise.


Ian Henery