Walsall Poet & Playwright With New Play For Commonwealth Games

A poet and playwright from Walsall is to feature in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham  with a play that premiered last month during the Walsall Festival of Words.

Ian Henery (pictured performing  at the Black Country Festival  with actors Chi Lam, Angela Huang, Cindy Millman and Kim Lam) will feature at the National Trust`s Back to Backs in the Chinese Quarter on 25th July.  Tickets are just a donation to the charity.  The play celebrates diversity and inclusivity and the positive contribution the Chinese community have made to our region.

“The actors” said Ian “have worked extremely hard to bring this project to life.  They have dedicated a lot of their time and energy voluntarily to portray and tell this play to others.  Their passion, enthusiasm and love for their Chinese heritage is projected into their acting for the play.”

The play, “Coming to Birmingham: Making of a Modern City”, is the second in a trilogy of plays entitled Home for China West Midlands.  The first play, called “The Chinese Labour Corps”, was funded by Arts Council England and had a successful week-long run in February at The Blue Orange Theatre and was part of the Chinese New Year Festival Online 2022.

“The play is about two families of Chinese heritage who come to this country at the end of the Second World War” said Ian.

“They witness the devastation of the Birmingham Blitz and rely on the kindness of strangers for lodgings, staying at Back to Backs, before establishing a social club and school nearby in the embryonic Chinese Quarter.  The play celebrates our diversity and inclusivity on the eve of the Commonwealth Games”.

The play has been in script development since April and has featured in 4 festivals, namely the Walsall Festival of Words. Radio Public Festival, Black Country Festival and the Lichfield Fuse Festival.

For further information: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/birmingham-back-to-backs

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