Wolverhampton Literature Festival

Wolverhampton artist Jason Fullwood has got creative with Poems of Hope for this year`s Wolverhampton Literature Festival. Poems of Hope is the 5th collection of poems by Ian Henery and will be launched with Kates Hill Press at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival. Other book launches at the Festival with Kates Hill Press include new works by Greg Stokes and Shaun Patrick Hand.

“Poems of Hope are indeed poems of hope” explained Ian Henery “that are born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection includes poems I was commissioned to write about COVID-19 and social distancing. While some are about what has befallen us others are about the Black Country. It`s an uplifting collection to provide us with hope in these troubled times”.

Ian was delighted that Jason Fullwood was inspired to base some artwork around the poems and the COVID-19 pandemic. “I have known Jason for some years” said Ian “and been to his exhibitions. he is a fine artist with a good heart. I am honored and indeed humbled that he has created some artwork based on the poems”.

As part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival, Wolverhampton artist JLF, has submitted his piece The Destroyer of Worlds to coincide with the launch of Poems of Hope.

The piece depicts a woman wearing a facemask crying over the tragedy and fallout from the devastating affects of Covid-19. A bench, soccer ball and walking stick can all be seen on the left indicating losses respectively. The mushroom cloud is a symbolisation of her world being completely destroyed.

I wanted to convey the affects of Covid in one illustration, to tell a narrative that everyone can relate to. During 2020, everyone I know, either had Covid-19 or knew someone that had it. I had Covid-19 over the Christmas period and was diagnosed on Boxing Day 2020, I made a recovery, but know full well the devastating affects it can have on someone who is considered high risk. I just hope that this year is the start of the healing process from the sheer hell that 2020 was.

JLF is a mixed media specialist, based in the West Midlands, who has had a decorated artistic career to date. JLF also known as Jason Fullwood can be found on the following platforms:




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